What is a Fresh Pressed Workshop?

This Level I, beginnger class requires no previous pressed flower or artistic experience. Beginners can achieve extraordinary results right from the start, and experts can continue to develop their skills to produce truly exquisite work. All levels are welcome to play. The art of botanicals and pressed flowers is trending into one of contemporary art’s most popular and imaginative practices. Flower pressing is a fulfilling practice and few other art forms offer so much variety in what you can create.

Choosing flowers is as much fun as pressing and mounting, but creating pressed flower designs is where the magic happens. Some of your best designs will almost “arrange” themselves if the flowers are picked and pressed correctly. Above all, be receptive to the many ideas suggested by the flowers themselves! Trust me on this, you will see.

Your end results are limitless. For those who love flowers and enjoy making beautiful things, the time you put in will be repaid in double with all the satisfaction from your pressed flower practice.

What it isn’t

This class is not restrictive, judgmental, or critical. And, this class is not boring!

Who is Amanda?

Amanda is a contemporary American artist whose mixed media work fuses materials from the natural world into graphic works of art. Each piece is painstakingly made with layers of collaged materials such as dried flowers, leaves, sticks, moss, and sealed in a hardened layer of encaustic wax.

Born in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, she received her Masters in Graphic Design from The Portfolio Center in Atlanta, GA. Years later, she developed a novel idea, the art of pressed flowers + graphic design. 

Amanda produces her own exhibitions and shows her creations in a cross-section of traditional and non-traditional venues.

Artist Statement:

For me, art making is a healing and meditative practice. Interacting with nature's elements gives me a sense of being connected to all things of this earth and beyond. After foraging and collecting the flora, I deconstruct the petals and position them in large flower presses to reshape and dry. The pieces are then re-imagined into graphic works of art. Often layered, collaged, color-enhanced, with touches of gold leaf, and suspended in thin layers of encaustic, my work is an act of heightened consciousness.

In harnessing the energy of nature and capturing cycles of the natural world, I am both an observer and participant as the elements magically lock into place. Foraging, shaping, preserving, and building natural works open channels of curiosity and wonder. It's as if the petals direct me where, when and how; I am merely a vessel for imagination, creation and presentation. I do the work, and Nature shows me how.



Nature will forever be Free Come play with Me!

Nature will forever be Free
Come play with Me!